Update:Poverty Is A Choice

Quick follow-up to this post:

After saying a violent silent prayer. I finally approached the guy. Actually I just sat down at his table, looked him in the eye and asked him point blank if he thought poverty was a choice. He was a bit offended I think. But yo, he came to me first, opened his mouth and got the ball rolling.

Now this is an educated dude. But I think I helped re-educate him. Typical suburban mentality. He grew up in the “burbs” and he assumed those who are in poverty are lazy. I asked him he was saw this a local issue or a global issue.

Anyhow it turned out well. We spoke of God, faith, action, responsibility and mercy. Plus, I drank my coffee.

It was strange how mad I got. I was so upset I was seriously wanted to do damage. It’s been so long since I’ve been that frustrated. I just have such a burden for the issue of poverty and justice. Now if I can stop being a hypocrite and get out and “do” something!

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