Best Church Planters Book?

Carl over a the Revival Blog asked me what ONE book I would recommend to future church planters. Man, that is such a tough question. So many great reads. But if I had to choose one book to give to a church planter-off the top of my head I would recommend Erwin McManus book An Unstoppable Force.

This book is not a specific book on church planting…Instead the book really deals with the idea of movement from a church’s perspective.

From Erwin’s website:

An Unstoppable Force will:

  • Challenge you to see God’s vision for the mission and purpose of the church.
  • Help you to explore specific changes in the culture that call for immediate change in the church.
  • Offer practical ways for your church to find its unique voice and identity to express Christ’s love and faith to your culture.
  • Present interactive questions in each chapter to foster discussion about the life of your church, its focus on Christ, and how it can be a richer influence on your culture.

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