Church & Poverty

On What Would You Say To The Church

“A guy over there should not be dying while I have so much.  If the church takes a stance by saying that this is our human and God-given duty in the next 10 years to solve the problem of poverty – I believe they could do it.  I would hope that churches would never let their leaders off the hook.  If they want to hold the enthusiasm of people they have to crack this issue.  I promise we can crush world poverty in the next 10 years.  I would love to say that 10 years from now that I engaged churches in this cause.  It would be there greatest victory! Richard Curtis Interview

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I’m the Founder/CEO of Help One Now. I live in downtown Raleigh with my family. I’m a justice advocate, who loves empowering leaders (and tribes) to launch movements for doing good.

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