Personal Evangelism Comes To Life

After my post this morning on personal evangelism a fellow next to me with whom I’ve been cafe friends with for the past year or so finally asked what I did for a living. YES-Man I was so ready to share my faith I was about to explode. Anyhow, I told him I’m a pastor and I’m helping plant a new church here in Austin. Long story short I was able to share my faith with this guy for about 20 minutes. We discusses the cross, atonement, sexual orientation and how the lame the church can be. (his words not mine, of course I agreed)I don’t have time to really dig deep into the conversation…But I can say this, I was able to clearly articulate the gospel (Jesus is the only way, Jesus is God, hell, homosexuality) and  yet the conversation was natural. He told me something that I think is important and valid. He said he’s usually scared to discuss his personal religious views with Christians (he does not think Jesus is God) but thanked me that I listened and I was authentic.  This is where I think we Christ-followers can lose focus. My job was not to lead to or convince this guy that I’m right and he’s wrong. My goal was to simply share the story of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to do his thing. There is no pressure if we understand our role and God’s role in evangelism.Needless to say I’m stoked. Please pray for him. He’s a business/biker (typical Austinite) dude and I can’t wait to have more conversation next week at the cafe.   

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