Thoughts On Funeral & Other Musings

The funeral yesterday went well-very well. I think I brought hope as I articulated the gospel. Most of these folks were “good ‘ ole boys” from Texas. The funeral director kept asking me if I was a “real” pastor. 🙂

“Son, you’re a pastor in Austin. Like, you speak on Sunday, or do you just attend the church?”

Anyhow thanks for the prayers and advice. They were helpful.

I think this past year I’ve really understood the complexities of being a pastor.  You have to know so much about a lot of vital aspects in life. Think about it…A pastor has to be good at speaking, counseling, organizational leadership, team building, vision casting, staff management, budgeting, leadership development, cultural engagement, theology, missional activity etc.  The list could go on-and-on.

Usually we have to be good at all that plus lack major resources and education. What seminaries teach you all of the above? NONE!

I would like to dig deeper into this, who knows what we may uncover. And how do we really use our congregation to do the things that they are good at? But through the lens of theology and mission and without burning them out?

BTW-Thank God I’m not really leading the church…Jesus is the lead pastor. Now if he could only run staffing meeting 🙂

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