The Gospel Has To Be More

No church for me…So I’m home for the fourth straight day. The good news is that I got a lot done while being at home. But I’m ready to get my normal life back. 

So I have a question. I’m writing a series on the gospel. 6-7 posts…Hopefully I will be done sometime in the summer. Anyhow, here is my questions:

The gospel is a story of movement and action because it create a culture of redemption and restoration in the midst of brokenness.”  Maybe it’s just me…But somehow the “CHURCH” in American (and Europe I suppose) have lost the sense of mission and adventure. 

We call people to surrender to Jesus. But what is that suppose to look like? We live in a cubicle world filled with so many mundane activities like working, kids and caring for the home. On one hand this is good. But for most people I think we want to break free from a mundane life. The tension of course is we have to do the mundane, right? 

So how does the church not become a mundane experience? How do we call people to live a greater life filled with purpose, passion and adventure? Are we asking to little from those who follow Jesus? 


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