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Breakout: One-anothering  
Speaker: David Fairchild
Scripture: John 13:34
John 15: v. 9, 12, 15
John 17: 21

-Early church writings are stunningly different then modern churches.
-Hope needs to be obvious and tangible. 
– Christian community is an intentionally missional affair.
– one-another is mentioned 90 times in NT.
– If you don’t live in community with others, you’re not fulfilling or living the Jesus way.
– Jesus washed His disciples feet-this was a huge moment in humility. Jesus became the LOW of The LOW.
– How are we doing with “one-anothering?”
– The world wants to see us as a different spieces. Radically different community-aliens.
– We can’t accept a lower-standard of church.
-This has to be derived from the Gospel, we can “one-another” each other (love, serving, caring,) because God has did that through Jesus to us already.
– All ministry is pushed through missional communities. (At Kaleo)
– The community must speak the gospel to one-another.
– We have to teach our community to live out the gospel.
– Missional Community leaders need to lead the group in repentance. They go over Sunday message and share how they need to repent. Then the community repents, they pray for one-another and then they ask how can they live this out in the community.
– If the modern Church experiences God-Like Acts 2 you can’t keep people from one-another. They will want to be together, love each other, giving to each other, serving each other.
-If pastors don’t like their people they need to repent and stop complaining.
– Pastors who need time-away from the church usually created a church they don’t like or would not attend.
– Kaleo has lost 1/3 of their people from the switch from attractonal to missional.
– A lot of people want to “go” to church but they don’t want to “be’ the church.
– Give people grace to work-out the “new” way of doing church. It takes time and space.
– The people that left the church where not in community and had a sort of “Sunday fix.” They wanted to be fed as opposed to self-feeding.
– Because of the missional communities, more people want to gather on Sunday and more people want to do outreach.

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