Prayer Rhythms

Over the past few weeks I’ve found a rhythm that seems to be producing much fruit and peace. For me as an Elder I take my responsibility serious. I desperately want to know God and become a seeker of God. I start my morning in prayer, Bible reading and theological reflection. (It’s been 10 years since I was in Bible College-its easy to forget)

In order to keep the morning routine fresh and sacred I utilize the following websites:  Sacred Space – Daily Prayer Online The Daily Office. Both of these websites have scripture reading, songs, repentance, Apostles Creed and the Lord’s Prayer etc.  I don’t always use them, but they add much value when I do.

The goal is not to “do” but to “be.” I don’t worry about time or feel like I have to accomplish a ton. I just want to settle-down and connect with God.

Also, I always pray for my friends both locally and globally. Again this causes me not be narcissistic. Sometimes our days are so focused on self and what we have to accomplish. When I pray for my friends globally and locally it helps me live their story and remember others.

For instance this morning I prayed for Jacob and Soma. I prayed for my connection in Egypt and for a church planter by the name of McDonald (sp?) in Cape Town and my friends in Raleigh-Visio Dei.

I feel very “centered” when I start my day by slowing-down and embracing prayer. Rhythm

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