Book Review: The Truth About You

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Marcus Buckingham is one of my favorite authors. Not that long ago Marcus brought to the forefront the need to make sure we are focused on our strengths. It’s been really helpful for many people. So when I had the opportunity to review his latest work I was excited. 

The Truth About You is not really a book. It’s more like an experience. It’s basically a multi-media toolkit that includes a small book, memo pad and DVD. You really have to take time to think and process the information so you can put it to use. The tool kit helps you do that. 

The book really deals with 3 Myths// 3 Truths. As always Marcus tries to help us discover our strengths by by neutralizing our weaknesses. The book is a quick read. I know for me it not only reminded me that I need to stay focused on what I do best, but it helped me create a pathway to do just that. 

The one aspect that I did find frustrating was the book could not come out of the case. It felt a little awkward. But it’s truly a good tool and I would definitely recommend it.

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