Calm Before The Storm

Today is the “calm before the storm.” The last day to rest, be with family and rejuvenate. So I will watch a lot of college football, read, spend time with my girls and create some more memories by decorating a c-mas tree, and heading to my in-laws to party later tonight. 

Then comes the chaos…I can’t wait. 

  • Tomorrow Vista will meet for its last time as a church, bittersweet. 
  • Looking forward to hanging with Austin Stone. Check out what they are doing for the city of Austin-Amazing. 
  • Monday I head to Dallas for a series of meetings. Hanging with some sharp dudes who are getting things done for The Kingdom. More on this later!
  • Wednesday Necole and I fly to Raleigh. 
  • Can’t wait to see all the old Sacred/NC peeps. Miss those folks. 
  • Can’t wait to hang with Vintage and Visio friends. Two great churches in Raleigh!
  • Can’t wait to eat Lilly’s Pizza and hanging at Helios Coffee. So many good times, I wish Ken, Tre and Ashdown were with me. Miss you guys!!! 
  • Looking forward to meeting church planter and fellow Laker fan Tadd Grandstaff
  • Can’t wait to finally meet fellow church planter and non-profit activist Bill Cummings. He’s launching a great organization serving kids in poverty in Guatemala. 
  • Somehow next week I need to finish the next phase of paperwork for our 501c3. 
  • I’m hoping tomorrow we can head out and take some family photos with Scotty
  • I need someone to watch my dog when I’m gone. Any takers? If so let me know. 

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