Home Office-Good or Bad

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So I really love my home office. I’ve been working from home for close to a month now. There are many pro’s and con’s. But with all the new Web 2.0 tools, it makes it easier. I use Basecamp, Things, Skype & iChat all day long. Also, I still feel connected with Facebook and Twitter.

I try to get out daily. Head to coffee-shops such as Sodade or Thunderbirds or schedule one or two lunch appointments a week. This is huge so I don’t become like a zombie.


  • It’s convenient. Everything is always close to me. Phone, fax, key documents etc. I never have to “run to the office” to pick stuff up.
  • No commute: This is so huge. I save time and money everyday.
  • Kids: I watch my kids everyday after school. I still get to work and I don’t have to pay someone to care for my kids. Win-win.
  • Cost: I don’t have to drive, save wear and tear on my car. I eat lunch from home and coffee is cheap.
  • Productivity: I’m able to get a lot done. I just focus and go for it everyday.
  • Forces me to be in the community.


  • Sometimes I don’t have an “off” switch.
  • I don’t have time to switch from work to being at home.
  • I get bored at times.
  • No one else is around to chat with.
  • Sometimes I work to much. I can work all day, eat dinner and hang with the family. But then I go back into the office and work late-nights. This is both good and bad. After a few “3AM” nights I’ve had to learn to “shut-it-off” no matter what.

I love having a home-office. I still miss being around an office filled with lots of people. There are benefits for sure. Someday I hope to have that again. But for now I’m content and feel productive.


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