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Yesterday I posted about the pro’s and con’s of the working from home. Today I want to share some of the practical ways to enjoy working in mobile environment.

With the advancement of technology and the start-up businesses culture of the past decade, the mobile office has become the norm. Coffee-shops went from being a third-place for community to being a legitimate mobile office solution for businesses owners.

Of course change happens in all environments as we look to constantly improve. So we now have a new movement of mobile office folks who are now spending time in various coworking hot-spots across the globe.

For the most part I’ve officed from coffee-shops for the past 6-7 years and I love it. But there are some key issues that must be resolved first.

1. Creative Environment: Not all coffee-shops are the same. I want to be in a location that sparks motivation and creativity.
2. Space: Is their significant space? There is nothing worse then showing-up and not having a table. So I like places that have adequate space.
3. Internet: If the wifi is spotty, I just have a hard time trusting that I can be productive. Therefore I tend to avoid these places.
4. Coffee: If the coffee stinks…I’m not going…Enough said.
5. Gotta have some quality headphones. I use Shure Headphones. Basically when I wear my headphones, I hear nothing but the music. I can feel connected to everyone but not bothered by the constant distractions.
6. Barista: They have to be friendly. I won’t go to places that has aloof workers.
7. Proximity: I usually go to places that have a lot of other options nearby. So I can schedule lunch appointments close-by and cut-back on my travel and save time.
8. I really enjoy places that have indoor & outdoor seating, solid tables and chairs and big cushy chairs. I need to switch-it-up a bit and this helps.
9. Wall Outlets: Serious…Gotta have a lot.
10. Food: It helps if they serve some-sort of simple lunch.

Of course as a consumer, I feel like I have a responsibility to the cafe. I will talk about that tomorrow.


  1. Bill Cummings

    I think Morning Times will rank pretty high with you. I am about to post on my blog about it being the best in downtown Raleigh. The baristas are nice… but you have to break the ice with them first. I think they are mostly just introverts. There are a few wobbly tables but that is part of the nostalgia of being in an old downtown building. I think you’ll love the big cushy chairs! And I think the coffee is great. Looking forward to chillin’ with you there in a few weeks…

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  3. Nathan Gilmer

    I am only a student but this kind of “office” is where I get almost all my work done. I am at my condo so much that it is hard for me to get into the work mode. Heading to a place like this does the trick for me.
    Not to many options here in Lynchburg, but fortunately ther is the Muse. It is a great place near by with great coffee and atmosphere and the Baristas are awesome!

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