Zimbabwe Needs Our Help

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Hello friends, as many of you know our friends Steven & Amy live in Cape Town and serve all-throughout Sub-Sahara Africa, including Sudan and Zimbabwe. Which are countries in dire need of help at this point. Steven just returned from Zimbabwe and his update is below: 
* First, pray broadly for the deliverance of Zimbabwe as a nation. Hospitals and schools are closed, infrastructure is crumbling, and millions (literally) are in danger of starvation. I will be sharing some stories and interviews in the coming weeks on the blog and via other channels, but the crisis is beyond what you can imagine. Only God can help – please pray that He does.
Pray for our friend, Pastor John Chinyowa. Pastor John leads Family Praise Fellowship in Zimbabwe and is ultimately responsible for the church’s ministry to the orphaned children at Musha Wevana. In a community with a complete lack of affordable food, no functioning health care system, and schools that face closure, he is ministering in extremely difficult circumstances. Poverty, HIV/AIDS, and the loss of hope surround the community, and the church is well positioned to be a beacon in the darkness. This small church trains missionaries, cares for orphans, and feeds the hungry, yet the church and pastor are facing all of the same challenges as the rest of the nation. Pray for Pastor John and his family – for their encouragement and faithfulness. Pastor John told me two days ago that simple notes of prayer and encouragement are a great source of strength to him personally – so in addition to your prayers for him, if you write me an email, I’ll send you his email address (barely functional, but will be received in time) or his cell phone number (for sending an SMS) for you to write him a short note of support, encouragement, and prayer.
Pray for Musha Wevana children’s home. This partner organization is led by a local church with approximately 130 or so members and just 25-30 wage earners – yet this church is now caring for 84 orphaned and abandoned children. When we began the sponsorship program earlier this year, there were 64 resident children – 20 have been added in just a few months. The home is overcrowded and short of beds, yet the only other option for many of these children is death by starvation or disease. A two year old girl (given the name Karen – her true name is unknown) was recently brought to the home by the police after living alone in a park for a week. Two brothers, aged 13 and 7, were living alone in the bush after both of their parents died. They were discovered eating berries and leaves and sleeping under a tree. An eighth grade girl found work as a maid after both of her parents died, but ran away after being sexually abused by her employer and now lives at the home. The stories go on and on in Zimbabwe. Pray for Musha Wevana, the children living there, the house mothers who look after them, and for the church that is responsible for the children. Please pray also for many more sponsors for the children to be found – there are still more than 30 of the original 64 that need sponsors before we can begin the long process of finding sponsors for the 20 new children. For only $30 a month, sponsors are literally saving the lives of these children. Contact me for details on how to become a sponsor, and please pray for each and every child to have a sponsor willing to sacrifice on their behalf.
I could go on and on, but I’ve promised to keep it short in hopes that more people will read and pray – so get on your knees already! 🙂
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika!
Steven and Amy Nicholson

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