Best Bloggers of 2008

Here are some of my favorite bloggers from 2008.

My friend Jonathon Dodson blogs at Church Planting Novice and truly adds value to the church planting/missional conversation. Jonathan’s blog is filled with praxis, missional thinking, theological reflection and culture engagement. I say this is by far the best blog for church planters.

Aaron Ivey, another friend and local Austinite is one of the worship pastors at Austin Stone. Aaron’s blog is a mix of humor, missional thinking, social justice and all things worship. It’s rare to read one of Aaron’s  posts and not laugh or cry.

Eugene Cho blogs on EVERYTHING. Eugene planted Quest Church, launched Q Cafe and is now in the process of starting a non-profit to fight global poverty. Eugene spends a lot of time reflecting on current news stories and how the church can/should respond.

Bob Roberts is a mega-church pastor in Dallas and an author with multiple books about the church and global engagement. Bob is bold, thoughtful and passionate. I think Bob demonstrates a great example of what a pastor should look like. He engages culture…He’s not locked away into some corner office spouting out church wisdom from on high. Pastors and churches  can make a huge cultural impact if they so choose to.  I think Bob is a great example of that.

JR Woodward has a tremendous blog. JR is a church planter, practical theologian, mission thinker and global traveler. Every post is thoughtful and filled with a lot of practical wisdom. This blog is a great resource that truly inspires and causes deep reflection.

Ben Arment blogs about creativity and innovation. Ben is a former church planter and now works at Catalyst. Ben is opinionated, concise and posts a ton of valuable information on a broad range of topics.

Seth Godin…enough said!

Nick Asolas is a youth pastor (currently changing positions) in AZ. Nick posted some quality thoughts on youth ministry, politics and yes…sports. Nick is opinionated and not scared to hold his ground. It’s only because of the gospel what we are friends as Nick’s HATES the Red Sox and Lakers…So that makes for some good Twitter battles come Oct and June.

Texas in Africa is a blog that I always enjoy. Laura teaches at U. of Texas, activist for all things Africa and world traveler among other things. I think she has an important voice as a missional thinker who works in the education system and not in the traditional pastoral role. Her blogs are witty, researched and thoughtful.

Todd Hiestand is a church planter in the suburbs of Philly. If you’re a church planter in suburbia and you need to figure out how to create a missional community-then Todd is a key voice that you can learn from.


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