Daily Productivity

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Productivity is a never ending frustration for most of us. Trying to manage our lives is complex and tiring. But it must be done. I’ve struggled to be productive in December. I assume it was the travel and holidays. But I did fail to execute one of my key philosophies of my daily rhythm.

Usually every morning I write down my three key action items of the day. So for today its:

1. Prepare for Help End Local Poverty’s strategy meeting that I have for tomorrow.
2. Clear email inbox. (It’s been weeks)
3. Make sure all key docs get sent to the printer. (which is basically delegated)

Those are my big action items that I must get done. Then I write a secondary list:

1. Write blog post.
2. Read 2 chapters of a book. (this is research and education for non-profit)
3. Send emails to key contacts.
4. Study for a future article I’m writing on poverty.

I use Things as my key organizer. things_feature_iphoneEvery morning I take a look at all that needs to get done and make decisions on today’s agenda. For me this is really helpful. If I do this on a consistent basis I tend to feel good about my rhythm but not overwhelmed, yet I’m productive and efficient.

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