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I wanted to share some quick links that I think are valuable:

My friend John who blogs at Creativityist has a great post comparing GTD software options Things vs. Omnifocus. Many people are trying to choose which is better now that Things is out-of-beta and you must purchase a license.

NYT posted an article on Mark Driscoll: Who Would Jesus Smack Down. HT: Laura

Atheist proclaims, “Africa truly needs God.” Very interesting, I read this last week and Dodson linked it today.

Steven Bush asked a really good question, “What is your church doing in your community?” Go and respond!

Nick has stopped blogging until the conflict with Israel/Palestine is resolved.

Interview with NT Wright: Responding to Piper on Justification.


  1. cjw

    i'll check out johns blog thx! does he mention Outlook Track-It? It's the best GTD software i've found. Downloads a small toolbar for outlook and reminds you to follow up to emails.

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