Are we moving to Raleigh?

So we’ve recently gotten some emails, Facebook’s and phone call’s from friends and family wanting to know about our future. Let me try and clarify. Back in early fall when the HELP team was strategizing, one of our goals was to open up an office on the East Coast and West Coast, along with Austin of course. 

I sent an email to a friend who has a great church in Raleigh, asking him to help me think-through this process. Through some conversation, we finally got to a point of “Hey, why don’t you move to Raleigh and open an office here and the team in Austin can continue to run the office there.”  If HELP has influence and partners in Texas and also in Raleigh (Atlanta to DC) our ability to grow quicker and do more would be substantial. Plus, those two regions are vital in the non-profit world. 

So of course I spoke with Necole and she was ready to move asap. (we love and really miss NC and we would love to raise our family their long-term). And, we still need to identify a key leader for the West Coast, maybe, 2010 or 2011 we will open yet another office. We potentially have some amazing church partners in Austin and in Raleigh. But there are some downsides. So, we’ve been in serious prayer mode that past few months and really just waiting for God to speak clearly and open some doors if he wants us to move. We love our life in Austin, we love the city, our friends etc. God has been good. Our main goal is really HELP. What’s best in the long-run?

If we move it will be this summer, but at this point it’s simply not clear, so when folks ask what we’re doing, we just can’t answer that question yet. Hopefully we will be able to soon. Our desire is to be in Raleigh this summer, yet we are in waiting mode in the meantime. Please pray for us, pray for direction and guidance-we need it!

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