Thoughts on Risk

Risk is a thought that is hard to grasp. For some of us we take to many risks and lack wisdom, others of us take to few risk and lack adventure and faith. Liz and Blanca shared this yesterday when they spoke at their church. I thought you might find it valuable. 

10 Risks

Risk entering the story rather than just watching from a distance. 

Risk your life convinced of the truth of the resurrection.

Risk supporting your spouse or love one in the chances God leads them to take. 

Risk interaction even after you have been hurt. 

Risk the impossibe as a community. 

Risk seemingly ridiculous actions when God’s voice says you should. 

Risk trying your crazy ideas and encouragin others in theirs. 

Risk community to pursue God. 

Risk comfort and the known for service. 

Risk the consequence of loss and pain in obedience.

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