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This is part three is a series of posts that communicates our passion to serve our friends in Zimbabwe. Go here for part one,and then here for part two.

Soon, we will launch CTEP website, I can’t wait. Before we get to the launch, let me share how you can help.

Sell something:

That’s right, sell something. What items do you have that you no longer need, want or you’re willing to sacrifice to help build an orphanage, purchase school clothes and mattresses for a child in Zimbabwe. Here is what you can do:

1. Sell item(s) on ebay or Craigslist.
2. Get a group of people together, like your church, small group, neighbors, co-workers, business or family and throw a garage sale party. Great way to raise funds for those who live in extreme poverty and also share with your local community your passion to care for people across the globe!


You can give the proceeds to HELP (Campaign To End Poverty is an extension of HELP). We guarantee 100% of all donations will go toward the Zimbabwe project.


There is no better way to show love then to sacrifice our time and resources to those who are in need. When you take time to sell an item, throw a garage sale party and donate the proceeds, you are showing tremendous love to our friends in Zimbabwe but also connecting with your local community and showing them what it means to serve globally!

Tomorrow we will launch the website and also launch a global community hub where we can all participate in each others story. Stay tuned!

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