Leadership Is Dead

I just started reading Leadership Is Dead: How Influence Is Reviving It by Jeremie Kubicek. This book was recommended by my good friend Brandon Hatmaker. He also has a review on his blog.


Some quotes to ponder:

“True empowering leadership can be revived if we are willing to embrace a few core concepts: • We must understand what the role of leadership is and what it is not. • We must be willing to explore the inner world of leadership—things such as intent, power, and motive. • Influence needs to be recognized as the engine of true leadership. • Leaders must understand how to influence, not simply how to lead.”

“Where manipulation typically wounds, influence energizes.”

“Self-preservation has no place in the mind of a modern leader; at least not if he or she expects anyone to follow.”

“A leader highlights the path, models the principles and values of a group, or a department, or an entire organization, and encourages those who follow in pursuit of their clearly designated goals.”

“Since a leader’s role is to be at the forefront of change, being left behind is a bad career move.”

“We must always remember that good leadership is a vehicle for people to influence for others’ best. To do so we must manage ourselves before putting generic principles on the backs of others. It is our responsibility in order to see true leadership come alive.”


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