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It’s no secret, but I love technology. I especially love technology when it makes me more productive. When I’m more productive, more missional activity takes place, life is more efficient and I can focus on executing the vision that I’m pursuing. These apps help me to “number” my days in a “21st century” kind of way!

So, here’s a list of apps that I’m currently using to do just that. These apps are used on my 11′ MacBook Air and purchased from the Mac App Store.


I LOVE this little app. It’s the way “calendaring” should be. It reads my mind as I type. Google Cal and iCal seem old, stale and boring, yet they’re a necessity – this app makes them fun, efficient and more productive.


Great new mail app. Although, with the upcoming release of Lion, Apple has a new mail app coming – so you may want to hold off. That said, I really dig this app. It’s designed like the Twitter app for Mac. Simple, clean, elegant and streamlined. I rarely go to Gmail anymore – and that makes me happy!

BetterSnap Tool

Buy this app TODAY. It’s cheap and it will save you time. Basically, you can “snap” your window in certain areas of your desktop. And go back and forth between windows with minimizing those windows. This would be considered a BIG win!


This app is amazing, ONCE you get it down. It takes time to learn how to use it best and be consistent. But it will save you time if you learn how to utilize this app. The concept is simple: You create abbreviations and when you type those abbreviations, the text expands. For instance, I can type haddy (h = HELP and addy = address) and my business address will appear:

Help End Local Poverty
PO Box 202647
Austin, TX 78720

Imagine how much time you can save every time you type.

I hope you enjoyed these quick app previews. If you have any recommendations, please let us know in the comments.

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