I’m Confused, Now What?

Do you have those days where you feel lost?

Life seems so overwhelming, the to-do list is too long, the funds are too low and your energy level is entirely on empty.

The past two days that’s how I’ve felt. This creates deep frustration and aniexty. Especially when you’re addicted to progress, productivity and results. Consider me addicted, because I’m trying to solve problems that must be solved.

We must identify “why” we feel this way! Burnt-out people can’t live on mission, we can’t sustain what we are called to do if we’re on empty, confused and frustrated.

Last night I listened to my first Podcast in a LONG TIME. Jack Dorsey was sharing with Brad and Ken about starting Twitter and Square.

Some quotes (paraphrased) from Jack:

It’s complex to make something simple. My goal is simplify complexity.

There are so many things you COULD do.You must edit down to your mission’s core focus.

The reason for anxiety is quite simple, when you lead an organization or a team, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of life; setbacks and progress. Everything gets messy! It’s easy to be productive in the beginning, its much more complex to STAY productive while in the middle of a project. As Scott Belsky would say, we all hit a “project plateau” along the journey.

Going back to a few of Jack’s thoughts: If we’re going to stay on mission for decades, because it will usually take decades worth of work to see the changes we’re striving for, (at least in my line of work) then we have to somehow keep our mission focused and simple.

I’m confused because I say YES too much an NO too little. When you say NO to one thing, your automatically saying yes to that other thing, which is hopefully your core mission!


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