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Lake Union, Seattle (iPhone)
Lake Union, Seattle (iPhone)

I’m currently working at Expresso Vivace in downtown Seattle. This may be the best coffee in the world. So, yes, I’m happy and motivated! Latter tonight I take a red eye flight back home. I’m ready to see my family and get back to work.

Some thoughts on Seattle.

  • The past few days I’ve been in Seattle hanging with Tre, Ken and Brenda. Life-long friends. It’s always good to reconnect with old friends, laugh, share stories and see how life changes for all of us!
  • I really enjoyed speaking at Pathways Church yesterday.  Love the FB messages I’m getting from the church.
  • After church we headed to the Ballard Farmers Market. It reminded me that humans crave community and connection. We need each other and we want to be together.
  • Last Friday I went to Portland for the day. Great city… And yes, I was able to enjoy some Stumptown coffee and Voodoo Donuts. Enough said.
  • I love how creative I get when I get out of our normal rhythms and routines. We need to see different sites, sounds, cultures, etc!
  • We desperately need to create more space to relax and enjoy life, friends and nature.  We have to fight and protect our margins.
  • I love leading H.E.L.P. We get  to partner with so many amazing people and churches who “do church” to make a difference in the world.
  • There is simply nothing better then returning home. Home is that place were life makes sense, people make you smile and memories are created daily.

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