Go Barefoot

I wish Barefoot Churchwas written before I planted my first church.  It would have saved me a lot of pain and mistakes.  This is a book filled with practical action-steps that will help the church embrace the beauty of Sunday and prepare for living out the mission, to love God and love our neighbor; locally and globally.

I would encourage pastors to share this book with their board members, staff members and key church leaders. Take time to process what is at stake here.  You will get a behind-the-scenes snapshot of  what a living church can be like if we are willing to take risks, move away from the “known” and see how we can truly love our broken world.

Brandon has penned a missional guide…he leads us down a practical pathway that will help us discover some tangible ways that will cause our churches to be more effective.

Though I must warn you, if you’re looking for something easy, or a silver bullet to church growth, you may be disappointed.  While the book is practical and helpful, it’s also challenges us to do the “hard” work that is necessary to love people and to see God do amazing works through the local church.

Get the book; read it, pray over it, get together with some other friends, leaders, pastors and discuss the content and it’s potential Kingdom ramifications.  Let it challenge you, inspire you, and make you angry.

Agree with it, disagree with it…allow it to help shape you and your church into a deeper missional community, that is striving to live out the principles of God’s Kingdom together.

Let’s go barefoot today…

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