Book Review: 7

Jen Hatmaker’s latest book “7” is a quick hitting book, filled with lots of real life stories that so many of her readers can connect with immediately.  Humbly, and yet with a sense of boldness, Jen tackles some real life issues, that for the most part, we would all like to ignore.


How many of us really want to deal with the fact that we possibly spend too much, have too much, eat too much and spend too much time on technology.  No thank you… We all desire our sin to stay in the dark… to be ignored, or justified.

Yet, deep in our hearts we know we need change.  We know we have to process these simple yet powerful truths.

Recently, I sent a tweet out that said this: “The world needs the church to be brave.”

7 is exactly what I mean by brave.  When the church (people, not the building) is brave, someone who is hurting can be helped.  If we live simple and become more generous our impact becomes larger, and more people will experience help, an orphan will have food, a homeless person will maybe have a home, and community could have access to clean water… this is “good news,” if you’re hungry, thirsty or homeless.

This book, will help you to become brave.  Jen and her family set an example with a deep sense of humility, lots of fun, and a genuine heart that desires to serve the “least of these ” and also fight consumerism and over-consumption.

In scripture, Paul makes a simple statement: Follow me, as I follow Christ.  7, is a modern version of Paul’s statement.  May we follow Jen as she leads us on a real life adventure to live more simple and to give more extravagantly, so our lives can be make a larger impact in our world.

Will you be brave…?  You can start by reading this book, and also give this book to friends, family members, your small group… etc!  We need this message to spread like a wildfire.


* I was given an advanced copy of this book to review. I did not have to give a positive review.

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