Help One Child – Serve One Leader

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The light is beginning to shine through the dark skies. Roosters are crowing, and the road next to our house is busy with Haitians already going to school and work.

Of course, I’m drinking Haitian coffee, so life is good.

Yesterday was a whirlwind filled with up and down emotions, lot’s of discussions, conversations and hope that SOMEHOW we — non-Haitians — can find a way to holistically help Haiti.

At times, that seems so difficult. Where do you begin? How do you begin? It’s complex, messy and overwhelming.

And, when we get overwhelmed, what do we do? We shrink back. I know I do.

Here’s the thing, though – while we can’t solve all of the world problems, it does not mean that we can’t help. It does not mean that we can’t start somewhere. For us, that somewhere is sponsoring a child, which makes a huge impact on that child AND their community.

When we sponsor a child, we make an immediate impact. We alleviate the pressure so our local leaders can lead well and not be stressed about proving the most basic things for the child like food, water and schooling.

Instead, that leader can focus on large-scale infrastructure that will empower the community. It gives the leader who oversees the child space to breath and time to work on big-picture development issues that are vital for long term community health.

So today, you can help empower this leader and impact one child by saying yes to sponsorships. Click the banner below and choose a child. The impact is beautiful, amazing and personal — for both you and them.

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