Storytellers as Prophets and Poets

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It’s been over a week since we’ve returned from Haiti. This week we will announce the Legacy Project details. So excited about that.

But first, I wanted to take a moment and link one post from each blogger. These posts are a great starting point. Also, if you’re brave, you can read the comments. These conversations are vital and much needed, even when you disagree with what is being said. Remember, we ask these bloggers to write each evening. What you get is a lot of real and raw thoughts, which is truly helpful and sometimes heart-wrenching.  Some of these posts are reflections AFTER they’ve returned home from Haiti.

Jen Hatmakers post is simply prophetic. Might make you angry, but will make you think.

Deidra Riggs post on in(courage) is beautiful and encouraging.

Kristen’s posts is true, painful and heartbreaking.

Love this post by Duane Scott.

Sarah Bessy’s post focuses on Pastor Gaetan. So good!

Jennie Allen shares a great video.

Dan King reminds us that the work we do is messy and complex.

Mary DeMuth’s post is important and true.

Jacob Vanhon has two important post on missions and development work.

Mike Rusch reflects on Haiti after he returns.

Of course our story team: Scott Wade and Mollie Burpo took some amazing pics and Kris Rutherford will be releasing some amazing video.

The pic above is telling a story of what will happen in the next few weeks. This team is going to leave a legacy for our Haitian friends. You can read my thoughts about that here and how you can participate and leave a legacy also.

Also – I will be sending out my first newsletter this week. I will be sharing some behind the scenes challenges we had with the #help1haiti trip and how you can overcome obstacles that will get you stuck when you’re trying to implement your ideas.

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