What If We Fail

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Credit: Scott Wade

What If We Fail?

A cold front blew in today as fall begins to grip my beloved city of Raleigh. We picked up a few pumpkins and begin decorating for Halloween. My youngest daughter goes crazy this time of year; she adores Halloween. It’s also my favorite time of the year. A part of me wishes I could be more present during this season, but the last few months have been pure chaos. It has all been leading up to tomorrow’s journey to Haiti with these amazing friends and storytellers.

I’m excited, nervous, stressed and anxious, which is so rare for me. I feel like gameday is close and I don’t know what to do. I can feel the adrenaline pumping. Fear is constantly hounding me. We’re not like the other BIG organizations who have larger tribes and deeper pockets. We have only been around for three years. Our team leader is a volunteer who has given countless hours because he cares for the people of Haiti. We had no clue how we would even pay for this trip a few months ago.

I keep asking myself:

  • What if this trip is a disaster?
  • What if we fail?
  • What if only a few kids get sponsored?
  • What if no one follows our journey?

Fear is always trying to keep us average. Fear is always reminding us that we can’t do “that” thing in which God has called us to do. But, faith crushes fear. Because of faith — small faith! — seas have split open, skies have poured down rain and fire, mountains have been moved and history has been changed.

I’m holding on to faith this week. I’m holding on to the fact that this trip has been designed before the world was created. I know I’m not really leading this trip; rather the Holy Spirit is fully in charge. It’s His show and I’m just a servant.

I believe story can change the world. This week, the world will be changed — just a little. But a little means a lot.

Would you consider sponsoring a child today? We need your help. These kids need your help. Together, lets make a difference and see lives changed forever.

Click the banner and change a life – forever!

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