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I wrote this email (below) to the Help One Now team a few hours after we launched the Legacy Project. Like any project, we’re thrilled that we launched. Our team was a little tired and fatigued, but excited and motivated. We stayed up late into the night (Monday) to wrap up details, before we hit the “go live button.”

The first day was amazing. We funded phase one and now we’re in process of funding phase two.

We still have some bugs to fix, some designs to make and various components we want to add along the way. In other words, ITS NOT PERFECT.

But, what is really important is our project HAS shipped. The dream is public. Within 5 hours, close to 75 people had already donated to this dream. That would have never happened if we chose not to launch.

You have a dream, work hard and then ship it. And then work hard on making your dream better, once it’s shipped.

Don’t make excuses, don’t wait for, “the right time.” That’s called procrastination.

Instead, be brave and go live with your dream. When you go live, that’s when the real work begins.

I would recommend Seth Godin’s seminal books in which he discusses what it means to ship. Start with Tribes and then read Linchpin. (affiliate links)

And then do work that matters.



I’m reflecting on the Legacy Project launch, and I remember the words of Seth Godin. He talks about how most projects never get launched. Usually, it’s because people are scared to fail or worried that the project is not 100% ready. That kind of thinking will create failure and a culture of procrastination. (Of course a project needs to be good before you go live, but not perfect.)

Today, we shipped.

Once again, we shipped. Our culture is to get things done, ship and then improve the project as they’re live.

And that’s why I’m proud of our team. We fought super hard to get this project launched right after two massive undertakings. (the bloggers trip and our rebrand).

And now we get to see the impact that our hard work has created.


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