2013 Review

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As 2013 comes to a close, I can’t help but to take a moment to pause and review what turned out to be a great year.

Some personal highlights:

  • I turned 4My oldest daughter became a teenager (boo)
  • My younger daughter started middle school (boo)
  • Necole and I took a vacation to Cancun
  • Necole started a business
  • Relatives moved from Austin to Raleigh.
  • I was able to speak at a TEDx event here in Raleigh
  • I hired a Literary Agent
  • I started to coach and consult with a few young organizations — I love doing this!

Professionally, Help One Now had another amazing year. At the same time, it was the most challenging year I’ve ever faced as a leader. But, the work that is being done is worth it.

  • We sent over $1,000,000 in 2013 to alleviate poverty and transform communities. I don’t have the final numbers yet, but we’re close to doubling our growth as an organization from 2012.
  • We were able to hire 4 full-time team members in 2013. This is the first year that I’m not the only full-time employee.
  • The Help One Now team is fantastic. They’re so dedicated, and for whatever reason, they put up with me and my chaos and determination.
  • In January, we introduced our new board members, and I am a very lucky dude. These board members have stretched me in so many good ways. Also, let me say this: I would not have survived 2013 without Mike Rusch. He is our board chair and I’m thankful for his leadership, friendship, and insights.
  • We opened Ferrier Village and participated in the rescue of over 35 kids who were being trafficked in Haiti. (19 when we posted the first blog)
  • Over 400 children are attending a new school in Haiti, thanks to the 2012 Legacy Project.
  •  A clean water project just went live in Zimbabwe a few weeks ago.
  • We were able to visit our partners in Zimbabwe and Uganda. They inspire me!
  • Every day, hundreds of kids are getting fed, being educated, and receiving love through our sponsorship program.
  •  We launched a new project in Ethiopia.

Really, I could go on and on.

We also made a million mistakes, dropped the ball way too many times, and missed some key goals as an organization. Like I said, 2013 was an amazing and yet challenging year.

I’m thoroughly grateful for family, friends, colleagues, and donors who make all of this a reality.

My life is full and I’m grateful. I cannot wait for 2014 – so many new opportunities, possibilities, and obstacles.

We’re starting the new year off with a bang as we travel to Ethiopia and Uganda from Jan 1-12.

I just wanted to take a moment and say “Thanks” to all of you who are on this journey with me.

I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you!

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