Struggle for Progress


Have you ever risked everything–to pursue a dream, to see progress, to make a difference, to grow to the next level?

Have you ever been so fully committed, risked so deeply and worked so hard for a moment, a season of possibility?

Last year I spent most of my time assembling an amazing team and board for Help One Now.

We hired 5 full time staff positions and brought in multiple new board members. I hired an amazing coach to help me walk through the vision.

We saw tremendous growth last year as we doubled our revenue. Plus, the work in Haiti and Africa continues to thrive.

But you see, doubling our revenue was not the point. We were positioning ourselves for some massive growth opportunities in the next 2-3 years.

All this is not because I have a desire to see us grow for the sake of growth; rather it’s because we have amazing local leaders who need us to grow so they can get vital work done.

Therefore, we decided to step on the gas, go full throttle, and do whatever it took to smash through key barriers–which equals lives changed, orphans rescued, kids loved and attending school, dads and moms working, communities having clear water, and much much more.

Now, here’s what is absolutely scary: I have no plan B. At all.

Failure is NOT an option. For us to succeed, we need to crush these three metrics!

1) We need 1000 new sponsorships in the next 8 months.
2) We need 1000 new Garage Sale for Orphan parties in the next 15 months.
3) I need 100 folks to say YES to becoming investors in Help One Now this year.

That’s it. 🙂

Those are the metrics. Those metrics will bring sustainable growth and community transformation to the places we work in Haiti, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ethiopia, and now, Peru!

We’ve invested more money in the last 3 months than the last three years on partnerships with folks like Catalyst, Allume and a few others amazing organizations that I don’t have the liberty to discuss yet (but soon!).

We decided to do another bloggers trip. I leave this Saturday with these amazing storytellers.

Follow us here; we need you. It’s going to be amazing.

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Oh, and we have another trip to Ethiopia this September. We will announce more information soon.

The last six months have absolutely been the most challenging six months for Help One Now. I wake up every morning with a simple prayer – “God, lead us.” I go to bed with a simple prayer – “God, give us wisdom and provide the resources we need to fight the good fight.”

And then we work hard, because we care, because we understand the depth of the problem and pain that exists because of extreme poverty.

I love my job, I love our team, I’ve pushed them to the edge. They have pushed themselves further–because this is not just a job. It’s a calling and a passion and we are ready to do what it takes to see progress–for light to shine in the darkness.

We will fight for progress. We will fight for the slave, the orphan, those who are suffering.

If you are reading this post, I need you to help push us forward. I need you to sponsor a child, or help us get a few kids sponsored, I need you to become “1 of 1000” and throw a Garage Sale for Orphan Party, I need you to invest in Help One Now, like never before!

And, I’m asking you to pray for favor, wisdom and resources. We need some big breakthroughs!

All that to say, I’m thoroughly excited and pumped about these next few months. I’ve never felt more alive. I’ve never felt more aware of using my time and God’s resources well.

I’m embracing the moment… to see progress!

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