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Love Hope — Ethiopia

Today, I leave on another jet plane across the Atlantic. On Wednesday, I will touch down on Ethiopian soil with some really amazing friends to do our best and tell some powerful stories with dignity and hope.

Our team has been working on this moment for almost two years. And now, that moment is here: a chance to make a massive impact in a community suffering from extreme poverty. This is a community in which moms and dads often have to make a decision that is far beyond my understanding… a decision that asks:

“Should we abandon our child and let him live in an orphanage?”

Our Ethiopian leader has asked us to help these parents so that they don’t have to ask this question ever again.

The Team

Our goal is to get 300 sponsorships on this trip. When you sponsor a child, you will help keep that child and his or her family together. You will help prevent that child from possibly becoming orphaned.

I’m taking some amazing friends: Jen and Brandon Hatmaker, Korie RobertsonJillian Lauren (Rockwife and New York Times Bestselling author), and  Kristen Howerton (uber blogger). They will share the story through the pen. Ty Clark from Kammok Fame will help produce and  Scott Wade will be doing photography and film. Finally, we have Mike from Pure Charity (they are running all things technology) and Lamar and Tim from Help One Now.

How You Can Help

Follow the trip… spread the word and help us do good and do it well in Ethiopia!

We can’t do this without your help!


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