March Is For (Panic) Writing


March Is For (Panic) Writing

Jen sends me this text last week: “How’s the writing coming along?”

Me: “Good, I think. I mean, how do you know? It may be the worst or best words ever penned.“

Jen: “You got this… trust me!

To a rookie, first-time author, that is like telling a person who is speaking in public for the first time, not to worry. “There’s no need to be nervous. What could happen?”

Well, everything could happen, duh!

  • You could forget to zip up your fly, so people will stare at you all awkwardly and you won’t know why, until AFTER you speak.
  • You could cry in front of lots of people. No biggie, I do it all the time.
  • You could freeze up and shake like a shivering dog who just got out of the bathtub.
  • You could stumble all over your own words–again and again and again!

Look, friends. Lots of stuff can go wrong.

Then, I have this lightbulb moment and realize that I basically have ONE MONTH until my April 1st deadline to turn in my manuscript.


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Thoughts start rushing through my brain, faster than normal, which is hard, because my brain is always in rush mode. It was something like a highway full of speeding cars, but this new reality makes me feel like I’m on a bullet train and I’m just trying to catch my breath.

I realize:

  • I have one month to make this book the best possible book I can make it.
  • I have one month to rewrite every single word, edit it, rewrite it again, and edit.
  • I have one month that will determine if this book stinks, is good, or maybe… great!?
  • I have one month that will determine the possible impact this book can have on the leaders, kids, and communities we serve around the world.

No pressure.

One month will then become three weeks, then two weeks, then one week, then.. “oh my, I need an extension please.”  My editor just shed a tear (sorry Stephanie!)

Life in the Help One Now world has been amazing, but chaotic as of late. So far this year, I’ve only been home once for the entire week. And that week, we had the entire team, along with Charles and Ty, in-town for marketing and product development meetings.

We have a NEW opportunity that is one of those “too good to be true” kind of opportunities. Of course, that means TWO more trips in March.  Opportunities are always like that; they come quickly and you have to seize them or they move on to the next person.

And, writing on the road does not happen for me. I cannot write when I travel (unless anybody wants to pay for me to upgrade to 1st class?). The airline industry was obviously not considering writers when they decided to jam one billion seats into a flying tube. I have permeant elbow scars from all my travels.

So, I need your help friends!

1) Pray.

2) Pray harder.

3) Pray more, harder 🙂

4) And… if I don’t return an email, a call, or a text, consider this an apology. I’m going into a cave, a sea of coffee shops. I’ve rented a table at BREW. My little home office will become a prison. Distractions will be my number one enemy, an enemy that will make or break the possible impact.


I’m stocking up on coffee.  (I just called my dealer)

Waking up early… and going to bed late. (see above)

Turning on the music. (Explosions in the Sky to the rescue)

Asking for the Holy Spirit to lead me forward. If not, I’m toast.

If Help One Now does anything wrong, in the next month, blame Jon, Lamar or Payton. 🙂

And…I’m going to do my best to write words that you will love to read. (if you don’t buy the book, just consider our friendship on permanent hold until we get to heaven. (I’m mostly kidding!)

Apparently some folks have hard time promoting their own books. This will not be the case for me. I apologize now, but I will be:

Filling up the trunk of my car. (hello, I’ve been doing that all my life)

My wife’s trunk too.

Do you want your trunk filled up? Let me know! I’m going to need your help.

My kids will be going door to door. I’m paying them, so no child labor issues.

I believe in this book. I believe it will make an impact in the world, and I believe it will make an impact on your life.

Now, I have one month to prove it. One month to turn pro and do work that matters!

Love you all–see you in April!

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