5 Anchors for Overcoming Life’s Storms

In these times of uncertainty, I believe that finding tools to understand and know ourselves better is more important than ever.

That’s why the past month, I focused on 5 anchors you can hold fast to when overcoming life’s storms.


One of the things I love and respect about the person of Jesus is that he does not mince words when it comes to life’s ups and downs. 

Through the good times and the bad times, you want to be grounded. You want to be rooted, and you want to have anchors. 

Now more than ever, we need an assurance of what we hope for and what we live for. Faith will help us navigate this part of life. 

Click below to hear WHY grounding ourselves in faith is so incredibly important.


We are living in a new world – one that can feel isolating and lonely.

We need one another now more than ever to survive and to thrive.

In the New Testament, there are 59 mentions of “one another.” There are 59 moments where we are reminded about the importance of praying for, encouraging, and serving one another.

Click the video below hear just a few of those commands, and to hear why we need one another.


“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

Click below to hear why HOPE is one of the essential anchors we need to keep us rooted and grounded in the storms.


Sometimes, I don’t want to be courageous. I’ve been feeling this lately, especially. 

But in my eyes, we have 2 options in life – we can anchor ourselves in courage, or we can get down on ourselves and give up. 

Click the video below to hear why anchoring yourself in COURAGE will lead you to living a life of purpose, meaning, and love.


I believe in the hardest moments of life, your true self is revealed.

It is one thing to be generous when everything is going right, but it is another thing to be generous when everything seems to be going wrong.

It is the power of generosity that will transform you and your community. Click below to hear HOW and WHY generosity is your last anchor for life’s storms.

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