The Mother Of All Elections?

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Rudy Giuliani has filed paperwork for a potential run at the presidency in 2008.

Could this be the mother of all elections? Rudy, John McCain, Barak Obama, and Hilary Clinton are all possibilities, (plus John Edwards & Al Gore). These are some big time players, I hope they all run. It would make for an interesting campaign season



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So this morning I took Bailey to school and headed to Seattle’s Best Coffee to get a jump start on the week. I walked in and was greeted with a “Hello Chris” from the barista.

I got my coffee and powered up the iBook. A few minutes later I was greeted with a “Good morning” from my friend Kevin, who runs a war strategy consultant business. So after a little chit-chat I begin to try and get some stuff done…But, then another “Hello” from motorcycle harley dude; I do not know his name and he does not know mine, but we often sit next to each other while at the cafe.

Then I got another “What’s up, do you like your Mac?” from another dude who is a Real Estate agent. So we had a conversation and exchanged business cards, yada, yada, yada.

I got here at 7:50AM and it’s now 8:10AM. So in 20 minutes I’ve had 4 legitimate conversations. It just seems so healthy and right. Community really does drive our culture. We really do want to go to a place, “where everyone knows your name.”

Peace & Love From Austin

New Banner Image

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So I already replaced the coffee cup image with a new image. The Spider House Cafe is probably the most well known cafe here in Austin. (although, their website is lame) I found this image of the web.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it.

Peace & Love from Austin

Does Church Suck?

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So we headed out to church this morning. Now, for the most part i do not like going to church. Why, you ask? Well for me I hate being bored and church can be the mother of boredom at times.

Of course, some churches tend to over-compensate. They try to “entertain” the whole service, which is almost comic. So I’m always leery when I attend a new church.

So last week we went to the Vista, and it was really good. Then we went today, and it was even better.

Here is a few reasons why I like Vista:

1. Justin Cofield Band led worship. Now these guys travel like 150 times a year (or something like that) leading worship at other churches, camps and venue’s. Usually when I hear bands like these are leading worship for a church plant I get a little worried; you know, I don’t want worship to feel like a concert.

I hung out with Justin this past week and this dude is the real deal. He really cares about the church and wants to see God do something great here in Austin.

So this morning was the first time I heard them lead, they did great. The worship was more about God than the band; I dunno, they just did a great job keeping the focus on Jesus. Mad props to those guys. Great worship.

2. Jeff speaks well. He’s funny, theologically on target and brings knowledge and wisdom in his message. What I love is his passion, he really believes you can do something great. I guess I feel like he really cares and means what he says. He’s not just going through the emotions of pastoring and preaching.

3. It was not just a service but an experience. The church is simple, no bells and whistles to impress anyone. All they do is worship and speak, but they do it well. That being said, I felt like today at church was an “experience.” I did not just hear worship songs (boring) and another sermon (boring). Instead, I felt like I hung out with a bunch of people that really care and really want to see God do something.

4. The people. This is a multi-generational church. They are real, friendly and caring. I do not feel like I have to put on my Sunday mask when i walk into the place. If you know me, you know that my life can be somewhat of a MESS. *SIGH* And I do not think the people at this church really care about that. They embrace messy.

5. Culture. I honestly think the church cares more about how they can help me then how I can help them. There is a good chance that someday down the road, we might become “official” partners in ministry. But the culture seems to be very outward focused…A “how can we help you” culture.

6. Kids ministry is great. My kids enjoy going to the church. They even helped Bailey memorize Ecc 4:9.

Anyhow, it seems strange that I went to church in the “suburbs” at an elementary school, but it just felt different. And different is good. And it did not SUCK!
Peace & Love from Austin

Well Said

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We all have people that we connect with…For whatever reason there is a kindred-spirit. Mark Batterson is one of those guys for me. I do not know Mark, but he just seems to strike a nerve when he writes.

And this morning he did it again. He just posted on his blog 7 Leadership Reminders. Very thoughtful and encouraging. Check it out and learn.

Peace & Love from Austin