As we leave behind a decade and enter into a new one, it sparks all kinds of reflection and curiosity. I’ve tried to slow down and not rush into goals for 2020.  I’ve taken my time, and I’m thankful.

Ten years ago, life looked very different. I lived in Austin, Texas, my kids were in grade school and Help One Now was a very young organization, not even one year old. To say things have changed in the past decade is an understatement, but I am so thankful and proud of the progress achieved and the changes made. That said, because I’ve spent the past decade in full-scale hustle mode, doing everything possible to support the leaders we partner with around the world, build Help One Now and raise my family, I’ve realized I need to slow down and learn how to pace myself better as we’re running a marathon not a sprint.

Each year I set my intention for the year by choosing a word to focus on. This year, my one word is margin. For once, I want to try and slow down and find time and space to think, create, write and pray. I’ve seen too many leaders do amazing work and then it all falls apart, and ends poorly. My ultimate goal is to become a better leader, so I know I will need space to rest, focus and learn.

One of the ways I plan on creating margin in my life this year is by attending Onsite! Onsite is a retreat designed to help one discover themself through personal growth and emotional wellness experiences. This is something that I knew I needed to prioritize this year. In years past, I haven’t had time to fit another travel week into the schedule, but this year, this was the first thing I did because I knew how beneficial it would be. I’ve also added some margin to learn new skill sets. (hello Pete Vargas). These skills will be huge for Help One Now and the impact we can make as we do everything we can to empower families around the world.

To be clear, margin does not mean I won’t be busy or won’t have chaotic seasons. I will be busy and the year always has stretches that push us to our limits. But even in busy seasons, you can find margin, it just takes some thought and intentionality. That said, overall, I’m trying everything in my power to say no to anything that is not important. More than any year, I want to focus on  the important things, and not be caught in the day to day whirlwind.

Setting my goals for this year with margin in mind brings hope and joy to my soul. It makes 2020 feel possible and doable. I believe that at the end of 2020, I’ll be a better human and leader because of margin!

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