From Hogwarts To Haiti

From Hogwarts To Haiti A few years ago, I noticed my daughter on the computer. She was totally locked in and focused. Her eyes were wide, and her smile was so big her face could barely contain her excitement. “What was she doing?” I wondered. She broke the silence with a simple question: “Hey Dad, […]

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One Word for 2013 — ASK

Last year, after having a conversation with Alece, I joined the OneWord365 community and chose the word Brave. Throughout the year, whenever I would get stuck or frustrated, I would remind myself to be brave. It may seem silly, but it truly impacted my life and how I worked through 2012. Sadly, I never actually […]

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In case you have not heard. We have an amazing opportunity right now for the Legacy Project. A private donor is matching every dollar (or in our case, every brick) raised through Sunday night. We need to raise $3000 to fund phase three. (we means, phase four is 100 automatically funded)  We have three days […]