2013 Review

  As 2013 comes to a close, I can’t help but to take a moment to pause and review what turned out to be a great year. Some personal highlights: I turned 4My oldest daughter became a teenager (boo) My younger daughter started middle school (boo) Necole and I took a vacation to Cancun Necole […]

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Orphan Justice Interview

Last year, I had the honor of endorsing Johnny Carr’s new book, Orphan Justice. If you care about the gospel, orphans and justice, you need to read this book. Below, Johnny answers some key questions about the book. Oh, and if you want to win a free copy, see below. 1) Why did you write the […]

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In case you have not heard. We have an amazing opportunity right now for the Legacy Project. A private donor is matching every dollar (or in our case, every brick) raised through Sunday night. We need to raise $3000 to fund phase three. (we means, phase four is 100 automatically funded)  We have three days […]