The Power Of Story

A few months ago I shared my story at church. I rarely share my story (who wants to talk about themselves) but I’m still amazed how many emails I get from friends, other pastors, and strangers telling me how much they enjoyed the message and how much of an impact it made in their lives.

I keep asking myself  why. And here is my simple conclusion.

  • Theology gets tired. We argue, we fight, we study and sometimes their is no end. I love theology, but I think we want to see the theology come to life.
  • Church: Lets face it. Church can get boring. There comes a point where we need to stop”hearing” the gospel and starting “doing” the gospel.
  • Prayer: Same as church. We can pray all day. But we truly need to see these prayers become active and real.

I’m sure I can add more. Needless to say, theology, church, prayer are vital to a Christ-follower. But so is action. Sometimes I feel like we are learning how to drive a car, we take classes, get instruction and all that. But everntually we have to get in the car and drive. That is when our knowlege will come alive.

So, my conclusion is this-Modern day Christ-followers need a fresh dose of power from The Holy Spirit. We’ve gotten so far away from that reality (at least I have) and we desperately need it (HS) back. I think I’m constalty trying to create and start a movement that only the Holy Spirit can create and start.

So, what does this mean? How can I allow the Holy Spirit to be more evident and real in my life?