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I received some emails from my last post. Needless to say it’s quite hard to swallow certain facts-like spending 450 Billion on x-mas presents and yet it takes 10 Billion to bring clean water to our world. Anyhow, for those who want to corroborate the data here is the needed info.

Rick McKinley was quoted in the article called The Advent Conspiracy in the current issue of Relevant Magazine. Rick started a anti-consumerism x-mas movement called Advent Conspiracy. If you are not familiar please check out the link and get involved to stop the silly consumerism in America.

I could not find a link to the article, but you can read the article under the “current issue” tab on Relevant Mag’s site.

Below are list of org’s that are tackling the water issue’s that our world is facing.

charity: water

Living Water International

Water 1st International

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