I’m currently in a season that I don’t like. My focus is wide and I need to narrow it so I can accomplish some goals and create a culture of synergy that I’m currently lacking. I’ve allowed some key leadership leaks to creep into my life and I’m not happy with my current level of productivity.

Their are many excuses that I could use. But truthfully it would be just an excuse. Therefore not pleasing to God or being faithful to the community I serve or the vision that’s been given to me by God.

Some key areas are:

1. Spiritual: I’ve simply struggled to spend time seeking God, reading scripture and mediating. This is my life-blood and without It life always goes astray.I’m lacking a “prayer-closet” in my life. A place where I meet with God.

2. Health: I’m eating like crap, not working out, sleeping like 4-hours a night (NBA playoffs can do that to a man) and not allowing my body to rest well. Again, this is not wise on my part and I’ve got to change.

3. Daily Rhythm: If I’m not HIGHLY productive I get very mad at myself. Yes…I’ve been mad at myself a lot lately. I’ve allowed a lack of focus to demoralize my weekly habits. I get up in the morning with a lack of clear goals and I come home at night wondering what I’ve accomplished-yet dead tired. Its not like I”m not busy. I’m working hard, but hard work can be overrated. I want to work smart, be effective and move forward.

So tomorrow I will take the entire day to re-think my personal leadership, repent and create a better plan that will please God. I must steward my life well. It’s the cost of leadership and discipleship. I’m accountable to God and others. So I must stop sucking and start moving forward and creating a more productive culture.

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