Life Is Good

Spent some time with my bride last night as we celebrated 12 years of marriage. We headed to Moonshine for dinner and then to Caffé Medici for a latte. Its quite surprising how we seldom spend one-on-one time these days. With work, church, kids and community its rare to find moments to connect.

Much of the conversation was about the future. But we also discussed the past few years. It seems like we sold everything and moved from Raleigh forever ago; but its only been two years. We headed cross-country on a family road trip and then settled in Seattle. Long story short we decided to head back to Texas after 2 months and then landed in Austin.

We only knew two people, had no jobs and life was pretty stressful. But within 6-months we were able to get back on our feet and and get our lives moving in the right direction. Necole and I  now have a defined pathway that is very clear now, we are no longer restless souls (well, that may be wrong) but focused on living the next 30 + (or whatever God allows) years on raising a great family, living for God, fighting global poverty and creating a church community that simply desires to serve their generation and share the story of Jesus. We also have some great business idea’s that we hope will create some financial freedom and propel us on our mission.

To top it off we now have our “core” family living 5-minutes from us and a great community that cares for us. I say all that to say this: sometimes you just have to trust God and go with your gut. 

it even gets better with the Red Sox winning last year…To bad the Lakers had to ruin the storybook ending by losing to the Celtics of all teams. I guess you can’t win them all. 



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