I’ve really enjoy Twitter. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of folks. For some reason I feel more focused when I feel more connected. Social Media helps me work harder and enjoy the work more. For some that may sound strange. For me social media gives me energy.

But their is a downside. NOISE. Sometimes blogs, voicemails, emails, twitter, facebook, myspace and iChat can create a real sense of discombobulation.

So I’ve adopted a term that was created by Todd. *wink* 

Airplane Mode. *OK maybe some cellphone company created that term* There are moments throughout the day that I’ve got to focus and silence all the distractions. Moments where I complete tasks and focus on key priorities. 

Social Media is good, but it can also become a negative. I’ve learned If I don’t control it-it will control me. So now I feel more balanced in my approach to social media. Rhythm 

If you Twitter or Facebook. My links are below. 

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