An Orphan & God

It’s late Sunday/early Monday. I got a second-wind and I can’t sleep. So of course I read. Recently somebody told me I seemed very focused and passionate about HELP. They asked why, my response was quite simple.

1. I saw a need. When I was in Zimbabwe I met a Pastor. His name was John, he had an amazing wife. He leads a church and two orphanages in a country that has collapsed. He treated us like we were royalty. He kept telling me how blessed he was to have us visit his home and share his vision. That night I slept under a mosquito net for the first time in my life. Over 1 million kids will die this year in Africa because they don’t have a $10 net to sleep. That is just not right.

The next day P. John gave us a tour of the orphanages. The hugs, smiles and conversations were contagious. Then P. John told me a story; he pointed to a field and reminded me that hundreds of kids sleep in that field. They have no parents, eighth-year-olds care for their younger siblings, no shelter, no food and no hope.

Needless to say my heart was crushed. How could I ignore such a tragedy? What was I thinking?

2. Here is what I learned in Zimbabwe. The heart of God is angry at the injustice of the world. Something is simply not right. The church can do something amazing, we can bring life, hope, clothing, shelter, food and drink. We can laugh, hug, smile and encourage. We can feed an orphan, love a family and bring joy to God.

When Christians love, serve, give and go…In the name of Jesus, it brings joy to the heart of God.

My prayer this past year…”God make me angry and in my anger cause me to act.”

This is not about me…it’s about an orphan in Zimbabwe and a God in heaven.

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