Weekend Recap

Pretty busy weekend. Lot’s of fun with the family.

  • Yesterday we met John & his daughter at Alamo and watched Madagascar 2. Good flick and fun times.
  • MY tickets are booked for Raleigh. I will be there late Dec 3rd and fly out mid-day Dec 7th. Can’t wait to see everyone. I feel like I’m going home and seeing family.
  • While in Raleigh I will be hanging out with Tyler Jones of Vintage 21 and sharing my passion for HELP. Hoping Tyler become a board member and helps us raise MILLIONS for global poverty.
  • Of course I can’t wait to see my friends from Visio Dei. Jeff Ramsey and Jason Gore and the Gore babies. Praying Aidan will be home when I arrive-pray with me.
  • Of course I’m super-stoked to see all the old Sacred peeps. I miss them all.
  • 3 days is not enough. *sigh*
  • This is a BIG week for HELP. I gotta stay focused and crank some to-do’s. Prospectus, 501 c3, power-point presentation etc.
  • I’m hoping in the next month-or-so to share the vision of HELP to 3 key churches. All of these churches are highly missional and influential.
  • I spent some time last night working one minute presentation. If I have one-minute to share the HELP story what would I say that will peak interest and action. Love…Hope..Story & Movement. More to come.
  • After church we hit up a local hiking trail in our neighborhood. Ran/Walked 2.6 miles. I needed that. Doctor called me fat last week 🙂
  • Necole and I still want to adopt-a-child. Pray for us. .
  • Texas still has a chance to play for the national title game, sorry Charles. Can an outsider say HOOK’EM???? Go horns.
  • I rooted aginst the Raiders and for the Panther today.
  • Hoping the Lakers kick the Rocket’s butt tonight.
  • Necole and I are making some BIG decisions soon. Pray for us.
  • Tribes by Godin is really good. Do yourself a favor and read it.
  • Chandler is helping me transition from wordpress.com to.org. So excited!!!
  • Love the ESV Study Bible. Even though I still have arminianism still flows deep in my blood; Although Romans 8 IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW.
  • I’ve now achieved a few milestones:
  • Milestone #1: Posted 1000 times on this blog. Milestone #2: I “tweeted” 2000 times last week.
  • Milestone 3:  I don’t check stats much. (4-9 times a day-JK) but I decided to have some blog goals about 6 months ago. Technorati, daily readers etc: A few weeks ago I reached my little goals. It goes to show if you put your mind to do something it can be done.
  • Thanks to those who read, comment, link and share this real and virtual life together.

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I’m the Founder/CEO of Help One Now. I live in downtown Raleigh with my family. I’m a justice advocate, who loves empowering leaders (and tribes) to launch movements for doing good.

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