The Way of Jesus

It’s a cool crisp morning in Austin. I was reading some scripture this morning and  journaling. Truthfully I’ve been dealing with a lot of internal anxiety as of late. (like everybody else I guess)  Doing my best to make good decisions, seeking God’s will and praying to hear His voice. Yet every time I read scripture I get reminded that I’m not in control of this life and I have to learn to trust in the way of Jesus, which stinks because His way is a lot different then my way.

So I was thinking about the Thin Space from the Celtic tradition, which means the thinnest of veils between God and oneself. A place of wholeness, a place where I’m so connected to God and His Kingdom that the things of this world become less and the things of God become more.

Fear is removed and trust is instilled.
Anxiety  disappears and peace becomes tangible.
Death is replaced with life.
Brokenness turns to wholeness
Confusion vanishes and clarity shines through.

I think God had to remind me this morning that He’s in control. I don’t have to always know everything. When God so chooses he will communicate and bring clarity. (today would be good-see there I go again…) I need to strive to stay in that so-called Thin Space. I don’t want any distance between God and me…Yet too often there seems to be a large chasm. So I need to stay alert and remember the ultimate goal in life is to close the gap between God and myself. And all the others things will be taken care of.


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