Thoughts On Christmas

Occasionally I have those nights where it seems impossible to sleep. My mind explodes with activity and no matter what I can’t shut off the stream of thoughts. Ugh! So what do I do, I blog. 

Christmas was great for the Marlow family. We woke up early and opened gifts at home. We told the kids they could not wake us up before 7AM-we got up at 7AM exactly! Then we headed to the in-laws for breakfast with the family. After that we went back home to chill and get ready for dinner at our place. After dinner we headed downtown to see lights on 37th ST, which is basically a typical Austin event that throws out tradition and adds it’s own vibe. Who needs baby Jesus in a manger? Jesus was replaced with Obama 🙂 Welcome to Austin. 

Of course I had to watch the Laker vs. Celtics game. Glad we won! Boston is a great team and we needed the confidence. 

My only gripe with C-mas was the weather. It was hot and muggy. C’mon it’s December what gives.  (I can see Jeff Ramsey laughing at me now 🙂

I’m blessed, God has been good to me and my family. Now if I can just get some sleep!


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