I want to become like Jesus-but not really!

Quote from ReJesus:

“The process of reJesusing the church will begin with a rediscovery of the fierce and outrageous life of Jesus. Too many people have become turned off to the church because the object of our faith seems bland and insipid. It reminds us of the quip made by the archbishop who is reported to have said, “Everywhere Jesus went there was a riot. Everywhere I go they make me cups of tea!”

Somehow we’ve domesticated Jesus and Christianity into this safe religion. Even good things like community and Godly wisdom have become an idol as its so easy for the so-called “people of God” to meet consistently but never truly act like the Church, (praying together, worship, confession of sin, etc) and we’ve become so addicted to being “wise” that somehow that wisdom keeps us in the safe places of culture and society. And God forbid you have a discussion about the poor, that usually leads right into a discussion about “social gospel” and all its negative implications. I say its just excuses, we (trust me, I’m the chief sinner here) keep trying to justify why we don’t live the way Jesus calls us to live.

It’s boring…And I think that is why most people outside the walls of the church don’t really want to be apart of our movement, because our movement does not look like it’s leader. I know my life does not reflect the values of Jesus they way I want it to.

I’m reading Matthew right now and I’m being reminded that Jesus was bold, fierce and crazy! Think about some of the things he said: “Let the dead bury their own dead,” or “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” We could go on and on..

In my morning devotion I asked Jesus to help me understand how to be like him in this day and for this generation. That is such a scary prayer and I’m not really sure I want Jesus to answer it. I do like my safe Christian life, nice bank account, fuzzy Sunday worship experiences, a few mission trips in my life, my kids going to a fun Sunday School experience yada yada yada.

I think what I need more than anything is the fear of God! I get the grace factor, that is easy for me. But I need to walk with a deeper sense of mission and holy reverence for the sacred!

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