Austin Launch Party Recap

The Austin Launch Party is over. We really had a great evening, the place was packed, lots of conversations and of course great coffee and music! First let me give props to Aaron Ivey & Jimmy Ingram, Kyle Lent and Nate Navarro and crew. They all rocked the house with great tunes and stories of justice and mercy!

Of course Sodade was a great venue, they had some yummy coffee and desserts, including Amy’s Ice Cream and Hey Cupcake, which are two iconic local Austin hot-spots. I would also like to say thanks to the HELP team,  Studio 914, Casey Creamer and as always-the sound pro’s Jessee and Danielle Saunders, without them this show would have flopped!

I think the evening was a huge success, we were able to advocate for those who live in extreme poverty, share heart-breaking stories of the 1. billion people who live without clean water, the 27 million who are slaves to human trafficking and millions of orphans, both locally and globally who lack proper food, water, education and housing. I saw a few tears shed as we simply challenged folks to not ignore these huge issues, but to do something to make a difference.

Our vision is to start a movement of love, hope and story. When we share the story of the oppressed, we can create a movement of love, which will bring hope to those who are desperate. It’s open source, we want to love and serve the local church to be the face of what we call “gospel justice.” (gospel simply means good news; justice means we advocate for those who have been wronged, abandon and lost.)

I will share pics asap. BTW, I’m planning another evening of love, hope and story for Fall 2009 in Austin. It’s going to be on a much larger scale. Next year we want to do multiple concerts in multiple cities on the same evening to raise enough money to build an entire orphanage in Zimbabwe.

Don’t forget, we will do this again in Raleigh, March 15th and hopefully we will announce shows in San Diego, Sacramento and Seattle in the next 10-days!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who attended Saturday evening, fun times had by all.

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