Leaders get to much Credit

If there is one thing that brings me life, it’s seeing a plan come through. I love strategy, I love planning, but I hate implementing. Give me a whiteboard, some loud music and a cup-of-coffee and I can change the world…in my own mind at least.

So far I have two great joys pioneering HELP. One is obvious-our work in Africa. It has not been a lot, but we are starting to see some impact. But the biggest joy I’ve gotten so far is the collaboration effort that is taking place across N. America. There are so many friends doing so much to get HELP launched. This is by far the thing that gets me so excited, I see the potential and I wonder: How far can we go? How many people can we help? How bold and loud can we proclaim the gospel by “doing good works” as the Body of Christ?

Now, lets say HELP becomes “successful,” there is a good chance I will get most of the credit. But the truth is simple, it will be the hundreds of people who have pitched in with their time, money and resources to help. These people will be the unknown heroes who deeply love the vision and desire to make a difference. So to all of you who are helping..I hope you know how much it means to me!

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I’m the Founder/CEO of Help One Now. I live in downtown Raleigh with my family. I’m a justice advocate, who loves empowering leaders (and tribes) to launch movements for doing good.

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